Rural communities have their own unique challenges and crime patterns.

Crimes that can occur on farms and country estates can vary depending on the specific location and circumstances. In Dorset the following are areas experienced by rural communities.

Theft and Burglary:

Farms and country estates often have valuable equipment, machinery, livestock, and crops, making them attractive targets for thieves. This can include stealing livestock, farm machinery, tools, fuel, or even crops from fields.


Illegal hunting or fishing activities, known as poaching, can occur on rural properties. Poachers may trespass onto private land to hunt protected or regulated wildlife, often for their meat, or fur.

Vandalism and Property Damage:

Farms and country estates can be subject to acts of vandalism, such as destruction of fences, buildings, or equipment. Property damage can lead to financial loss and disrupt the normal operations of the farm.

Illegal Dumping:

Rural areas, including farms and country estates, are sometimes targeted by individuals or businesses looking to dispose of waste illegally. This can include dumping hazardous materials, construction debris, or household trash on private land without permission.

Hare Coursing: Cases of animal cruelty

Trespassing and Illegal Entry: Individuals may trespass onto rural properties, including farms and estates, for various reasons, such as recreational activities, drug cultivation which can lead to property damage and pose security risks.

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