We want to make you aware of a recent surge in hacked Facebook accounts being used to perpetrate fraud. Fraudsters are gaining access to people’s accounts and using them to advertise and sell non-existent event tickets, products, and more – often targeting local community Facebook groups and Marketplace.

Facebook Hacked we want to make you aware of a recent surge in accounts being used to perpetrate fraud.

Remember, there is more than one victim here – the person whose account was hacked and those tricked into sending money. If your Facebook account has been hacked and used illegally, make sure to contact Facebook right away to secure it, change your password, and notify contacts. You should also report the incident to Action Fraud.

For more information on how to spot scams and stay safe online, visit the website Get Safe Online, which offers hints and tips. 

Here are some tips to help identify hacked Facebook accounts and accounts selling fake event tickets or products:

  • Look for a change in tone or writing style from the account’s previous posts. Hacked accounts often show odd changes if the hacker is posing as the person but not mimicking them well.
  • Check when the account was last posted or had regular activity. If there’s a gap of weeks or months, that can indicate it was inactive then suddenly became active again in a questionable way.
  • Look for friends commenting confusion on the posts selling tickets/products. They likely know if that behaviour seems strange coming from their friend.
  • Click on the seller’s name and check their profile and past posts. Scammers often hack accounts that have been inactive, with few recent posts.
  • See if the account repeatedly posts the same or very similar ticket/product sales posts. Scammers tend to reuse the same ads across targeted groups.
  • Check for other posts warning of the account being hacked or fake if the person has reached out to warn their legitimate connections.
  • Reverse image search any photos of tickets or products. Scammers often steal images from other sites or past events rather than taking their own.

Look out for one another, so please share this message to help prevent further victims. The more awareness we can raise, the less power these fraudsters have to deceive members of our community. Thank you for your help and vigilance!

Message Sent By
Damian Cranny
(Dorset Police, Fraud Protect Officer, Dorset